iDeals vs ShareFile Citrix Systems

Nowadays virtual data room provides the ability to track and regulate all business processes and operations in real-time.  This article is a comparative analysis of two well-known data room solutions – iDeals vs ShareFile Citrix.

When do we use virtual data room?

Today, there is great interest in technologies for ensuring guaranteed access to information assets; business continuity; user mobility. And here a balanced approach to the solution is important – after all, in addition to the information that users work with, it also needs to be provided with computing resources.

Virtual technologies are changing the process of marketing planning, making it less time-consuming and, consequently, more accessible. Marketing planning can be imagined as a process at the input of which is data about the company and the market, and at the output – decisions about the direction of enterprise development. Virtual data room (VDR) technologies fit into the overall process of marketing planning.

The main function of the data room in terms of management is to help managers plan sales, organize transparent management of transactions, and optimize sales channels. The system stores the history of communication with customers through all available communication channels: telephone, personal application to the office, e-mail, incoming and outgoing telemarketing, etc. With the help of VDR class systems, managers can control the quality of performance, deadlines, delivery deadlines. Modern data rooms allow you to estimate sales, and monitor the status of the transaction, analyze the actions and needs of customers. Offering managers the tools of forecasting and analysis, automating the interaction of company employees and customers, data room helps to optimize sales channels and ultimately increase the company’s profits.

Data room is the ability to integrate and maximize the use of all sources of data on existing and potential customers. Thus, VDR technologies primarily determine the ability to collect, process, and efficiently use information.

The fight of VDR solutions: iDeals vs ShareFile Citrix

The market of data room solutions offers many alternatives to various business spheres. Let`s analyze two well-known data room options:

iDeals is a universal solution that can be deployed, configured, and used in a short time to optimize contract management processes. Centralized storage of information about counterparties makes it possible to synchronize data with third-party systems, such as 1C. In addition to basic information, copies of statutory documents and discussions may be kept on the counterparty’s card.

The data room provides the following functions:

  1. one-time registration of the document;
  2. the possibility of parallel execution of different operations to reduce the time of movement of documents and increase the efficiency of their execution;
  3. a single database of documentary information for centralized storage of documents and the exclusion of duplication of documents;
  4. effectively organized document search system;
  5. developed a system of reporting on the status and attributes of documents, which allows you to control the gradual movement of documents.

Citrix Systems, a company specializing in remote access to corporate resources, is now actively working in the areas of cloud services and network equipment, offering products such as Citrix ShareFile and Citrix CloudBridge, designed to help solve business continuity and information security problems.

ShareFile by Citrix allows you to create an individually password-protected space where you can easily and securely share business files with your customers. Whether you need to send large files, perform secure file transfers, or simply require a collaboration space where project-related files can be shared, this software solution is for you.